About Us

We are one of the leading manufacturers in the inflatable industry, all our manufacturing personnel have around a decade of experience manufacturing inflatable products. 

We are sure you can tell from the pictures on our website that Kangaroo Inflatables designs are much more detail orientated than an average inflatable, and more often the units rent for more money than simpler designed units,  

Kangaroo Inflatables inflatable units are constructed with only top quality materials, because we  know our success depends on the success of our  customer and this why " We commit to design and manufacturing the safest, and best quality of products, we are know in the industry to provide each and every customers the best possible price. "

We look forward to having you as one of our valuable customer. Here are few reasons why you should consider us for your next inflatable purchase.

  • We use only top quality materials
  • All our Inflatables are made out of lead Free 18.5 oz vinyl material
  • Inflatables are stitched with top rated heavy duty nylon tread.
  • 100% of the inflatable is double or quadrupled stitched.
  • We only use  heavy-duty, webbing and Velcro.
  • With every inflatable purchase we provide highest quality blower in the market.
  • Every inflatable has zippers for easy  deflation and access to inside of the unit. 
  • All Bounce Houses and Combos have an entrance ramp, and the ramp is not sold separately  
  • Other manufactures, use various sewers to produce different parts of the inflatable, and then a final sewer assembles the unit. Our sewers, take pride in building a complete inflatable product from a to z.  
  • We can customize the colors of any product in our website to your liking, because we  make our product in USA.
  • We have full time designers on staff and we are able to build almost any inflatable design our customers  require with in weeks. 
  • We use state of art cutting machine to cut the vinyl material, this ensures that size of the inflatable is always to the specifications.
  • We provide one of the longest warranties in the industry.